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Is it possible to run two versions of SciChart at the same time? I wanted to create a new project in my codebase using the new SciChart version 2.1, without having to upgrade my other projects referencing 1.6. Of course, I now get version conflicts in my final build. Renaming the DLL did not work, is there a way around this?

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Hi there,

you should be able to, we enabled this in the latest v2.1.1 release.

i assume when installing you selected a folder other than the default Program Files/ABT Software/SciChart?

can you check your program files folder and see if there are two SciChart installations there?

it should have installed v2 to ABT Software/SciChart v2.1.1/

you just need to ensure you reference the right dll when adding references in visual studio.

Best regards,

  • rjodon
    It definitely would be helpful in my scenario. I actually have a number of projects referencing 1.6, and only wanted to upgrade a few to 2.1 and use multiple versions simultaneously. I know it would be preferable to upgrade everything to 2.1, but my main issue was with the refactoring done between 1.x and 2.x. This means that I need to upgrade every single project to use 2.1 and fix all the errors created due to the refactoring. This scenario would be preferable, but I have time restrictions unfortunately. Thanks for your help!
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Update: as it happens we're writing a performance test-suite, to test the performance of SciChart across multiple scenarios and versions. We've run into exactly the problem you're describing - different versions result in a FileNotFound exeption. The reason is that the DLL AssemblyName (internal to the DLL) is the same across versions, and visual studio can't pick them up as separate, despite different version numbers. So, to resolve the problem we're going to have to release Dlls with version number in the filename and assembly name. That will help us and hopefully help you too. Thanks for reporting! Best regards, Andrew
  • rjodon
    Ah great news. Yes, that is exactly my issue and will help in future upgrades. Cheers
  • Kapil Sinha
    Is this really fixed? I am having similar trouble. An existing project is using version 5.1 for 3D chart and I need to use the latest 6.5 version for the 2D chart. And build just fails.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Good morning, times have changed since this question was asked and now I’d recommend using nuget to reference the packages for different scichart versions. Be advised the v6 licensing mechanism is completely different from v5, you’ll need to use the cross platform licensing wizard to start trials and activate licenses for v6. This can be downloaded and installed without the main installer
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