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Hello Team,

We are trying to upgrade the SciChart version from v3.6.1.8054 to We tried to use the upgrade tool but that did not help much with the upgrade.

List of Nuget Packages installed:

one of the many issues is with rendering surface type:

The line that throws an error is ” sciChart:RenderSurfaceBase.RenderSurfaceType=”Abt.Controls.SciChart3D.Context.D3D10.Direct3D10RenderSurface”

Error: The attachable property ‘RenderSurfaceType’ was not found in type ‘RenderSurfaceBase’


  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Aksha, you can remove this entire line sciChart:RenderSurfaceBase.RenderSurfaceType=”Abt.Controls.SciChart3D.Context.D3D10.Direct3D10RenderSurface. This is no longer required in SciChart WPF v6.5.1 , which automatically detects and applies DirectX hardware rendering. Is there anything else showing as an error? If so post below as an answer and I will comment under each one. Best regards, Andrew
  • Aksha Sawant
    Thank you for the answer Team. We are almost getting there :) . I have added a new question to this comment. Would be great help to get any answers to that. What/how should IEnumerable + SciChartSurface.SeriesSource be changed to, since both are now deprecated? Currently using public ObservableCollection ChartSeries { get; set; } with var arguments = (RoutedEventArgs)args; var surface = (SciChartSurface)arguments.Source; surface.SeriesSource = null; surface.SeriesSource = ChartSeries; Thanks, Aksha
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Best Answer

Hi Aksha,

Thanks for your inquiry.
There were a lot of improvements in SciChart since SciChart v3.x. The new render engine was introduced as well instead of the renderer you are calling in the code snippet shown on the screenshot.
Please take a look at the documentation regarding Visual Xccelerator Engine for more info:

Also please find the list of current render plugins available in SciChart at the following link:

I would recommend deleting the line where you call Direct3D10RenderSurface and use Visual Xccelerator Engine instead.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

With best regards,

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