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SciChart3D DirectX Rendering incompatibility without Use Alternative Fill Source setting set to true

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Hello, SciChart team
i’m having an issue using SciCHart Examples Suite, and implementinting 3D charts
so when i choose some of 3d examples in Examples Suite i see a pitch black field instead of chart. after experiments with settings i figured out that 3D charts appear if i set “Use Alternative Fill Source” setting to true, which is in the 2D section of settings (not so obvious solution)
so the question is – how do i implement 3dcharts and ensure that they will run on clients’ workstations?
i’ve just updated SciChart to v5.1.1.11473
i have nvidia gtx 1050ti and fresh 398.82 drivers
i attach images of Examples Suite

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Best Answer

Hi Alexander,

Have a look here, this topic is covered by a previous forum question.

It’s not obvious in the Examples App but the flag UseAlternativeFillSource is setting two flags in the scichart library to bypass Microsoft’s D3DImage control which on some computers with older graphics cards can have some flickering or blank chart issues. UseAlternativeFillSource uses our own built-in method which has better compatibility at expense of a tiny bit of performance & memory.

Hope this helps,

Best regards,

  • Alexander Volkov
    Hello, Andrew, that solution helped me run 3d charts on my computer. And what about Mountain series (1st attached image) – are they displayed correctly?
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Alexander, we had a few reports about Mountain Series and I was perplexed because to my knowledge ScIChart doesn’t include one for 3D. We have a Waterfall chart in 3D which is several slices of a mountain series instead: but then I realise the team has left a prototype Mountain Series in the library. It shouldn’t be used, its not completed. I will ask the team if its easy to complete, if not, we will remove. Until then, please check out the waterfall chart demos in SciChart WPF Examples Suite as they should fit your needs.
  • Alexander Volkov
    thanks for your answer, Andrew! indeed Waterfall series seem to cover my needs, but not quite. i am also having some struggles using 3d charts with one DateTime axis, i think i’ll post a new question a bit later, when i’ll be able to explain the trouble clearly .
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Please do. If you have new requirements we haven’t thought about I can forward them to our team and we can think of a way they may be included in future releases.
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