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We are considering using SciChartScrollbar in a WPF form as a standalone usercontrol – but is this possible? What we are after is to use the scrollbar to make the user able to easily select a range a data, but without(!) the visual chart..

In the examples I have found, SciChart gets its data by binding the property “Axis” to the name of an axis of a SciChartSurface on the same form. So is it possibe to use our own data source?

Best regards,

Øyvind Sannerhaugen

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Possibly, I’m not sure!!

I think you would definitely be able to do it if you are a source-code customer, as it may require some copy-pasting and modification to get it to work.

Essentially the SciChartScrollbar is a simple control which uses two thumbs and WPF Templates to have a dual-ended scrollbar. The most interesting bit is the control template (again visible if you have the source-code)

It does kind of depend on the SciChart AxisBase control but I believe it just subscribes to AxisBase.DataRangeChanged event to ensure that the scrollbar is updated when data changes. So that part kind of excludes it from being used without a SciChartSurface, but as I said, copying / modification from the source is a possibility.

Best regards,

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