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SciChartSurface height not automatically filling a Grid

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When I crate a chart in a grid, the chart’s width fills the available horizontal space, but the vertical height of the chart is limited to about 150 pixels.
I don’t want to explicitly set the height but I can’t see what’s causing this problem. Although I’ve solved it in a couple of places it seems to annoyingly recur.

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SciChart by default expands to fit its parent. In WPF a Grid – the children should be full size unless RowDefintions and ColumnDefinitions are set.

Do you have any Grid.RowDefinitions defined with a height of 150? That will cause this.

You can inspect what is causing the sizing using the Snoop WPF tool. Point it at your application and it will yield really useful information about the sizes of elements and what is causing this.

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