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SciChartTeam SciChart version does not contain Composite Annotation code file examples


I downloaded the SciChartTeam SciChart version release from Git , thinking I would be able to get myself educated regarding Composite Annotations , which is something that has been requested by our field engineers.
The reference however given in the xaml file gives me :


within the solution. That reference does not include any source files (see attached image)

Since Composite Annotations is fairly complex, code examples and a working example solution, showing Composite Annotations implemented would be extremely helpful for me. Is there a running example I can download / view/ interact with ?

Appreciate support in this matter

Thank you


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Hi John

I believe the file you are looking for is here in the hierarchy of SciChart examples


You can also view the examples online here:

If you rebuild-all on the SciChart examples these files with *xaml.txt should get generated. They are only used for displaying code inside the examples app. Can you try that?

Best regards

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Thanks Andrew. What I finally ended up to do was to download the SDK and all the very helpful examples that comes with the installed app. That gave me a most excellent example on Composite Annotation, implemented and functional to use. Very helpful 🙂

What I am trying to do is to add this feature to our current SciChart plot implementation. I particular like the three choices that you guys implemented in the example – X, Y and XY direction choices for the user to pick ! Brilliant !!

I do see a new reference that has been added in the xaml
in the Solution “SciChart_CompositeAnnotations”
CompositeAnnotationsView.xaml has the following reference :


Now being that it is named exampleEternals, is this something I want to use as a permanent part of my implementation ?

Furthermore, the example shows exactly what I want, so bingo I got what I asked for!! Secondly I might come back and ask for some further support since my goal is to make this current SciChart implementation look and feel both functional and provide the engineers that uses this particular application with a SciChart implementation that works according to expectations.
I deal with hydraulics hardware and the different plottable values that comes with this type of equipment. SciChart is going to provide me with some really nice additional feature that I can implement. Live annotations being one I have also looked at.

Thanks Andrew, great work and appreciate your help and expertise !


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