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Series Point Labels for WPF SciChart

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I’m investigating WPF SciChart features. Does SciChart support point labels for series (here it’s called annotations, right?)?

Bar chart labels

Line chart labels

How I can enable these annotations (or something like these) for series points?


  • Justin Wood
    Ivan, I would recommend using Scichart over the controls pictured in your question. We are switching to Scichart after using those controls for ~2 years. Scichart is way better in every way (including customer support)
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Hi Ivan,

Not out of the box, but we have two examples of how you can achieve this, the first using Annotations, and the second using a custom PointMarker.

You can find the examples here:

i. Histogram

uses Annotations to place labels above columns

enter image description here

ii. Series with Metadata

uses Custom PointMarker and our RenderContext Api to draw labels

enter image description here

Hopefully one of these will help!

Best regards,

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