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Series Value labels on Vertical Line Annotation

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I would like to show series value labels on my vertical line annotation, but with the following specifics:

1) The label should should look like the series value label that appears on the y-axis i.e. it should have the colour of the series and have a nice little luggage-label shape

2) The label should always be visible and should show the value of the nearest point in each series (with no distance limit)

How can I achieve this?


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Does this help? Someone asked only the other day how to style the VerticalLineAnnotation tooltips (when used with VerticalSliceModifier)

Best regards,

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This looks like it it least solves half my question.

1) Can you paste the control template that is used for the axis series value labels (see attachment). It has a cool shape and also does a cool thing where is uses white or black for the foreground color based on the background color.

2) I still need to know how to achieve point 2) in my original question.


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