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Set legend max height

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I have a legend modifier and I’m trying to set the max height like this:

<s:LegendModifier ShowLegend="True" Orientation="Vertical" LegendPlacement="Inside"
    MaxHeight="165" />

However the setting has no effect on the max height. Is there somewhere else I need to set this? Thank you.

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Hi Andy,

Let me post the answer here too to benefit the community.

The reason for this behavior is that LegendModifier isn’t a Legend that you see on a chart, it just provides API for configuring a SciChartLegend control. It gets created internally by a modifier instance and have some of its properties bound.

To set the size of a Legend, you need to set it directly on the SciChartLegend control. It is quite easy to do, you can set it on a ControlTemplate for the LegendTemplate property. Please find an example in our docs here (see the “Templating the SciChartLegend Control”):

Best regards,
Yuriy Z.

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