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I have a heatmap that I pass two mapping functions to the Heatmap2DArrayDataSeries (one for x indices and one for y indices).

That is working great.

The user can set the amount of intervals they want to see (as major gridlines). So what I want is to manually control the MajorDelta and MinorDelta, and also set the AutoTicks=false.

When I do this, it renders all the frame for the SciChart Surface, but it seems that it starts making calculations and never draws the heatmap not the gridlines, and finally it throws an OutOfMemory exception.

My data set is not that large: 60×112

What alternative do I have for controlling the amount of intervals shown?

Thank you.

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Best Answer

I suspect that your choice of MajorDelta / MinorDelta is resulting in millions of tick/grid lines to be generated and hence WPF is throwing an OutOfMemoryException drawing the lines or the labels.

Can you please share the setting of MajorDelta, MinorDelta?

Also please share what is the XAxis.VisibleRange and YAxis.VisibleRange in the case where you do not apply Major/Minor delta?

Best regards,

  • Sebastian de Ugarriza
    Thank you Andrew. The moment you wrote it I realized what was happening. I was still using values for Major/Minor delta from “before” I applied the mapping, so the values were ranging between the indices min and max, and since my new data mapping is in the range of 400.000 — 700.000 it was drawing a lot of lines.
  • Andrew
    No problems! If you want a slightly more dynamic approach to generating grid / tick lines please take a look at the TickProvider API. PS: Your other request on the forums, I have notified the team. Best regards, Andrew
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