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Is it possible to control Shading and Thickness of a line using PaletteProviders?

I am trying to achieve something as shown in the attachment.

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No I’m afraid it’s not.

It is only possible to control the color of the line segment via PaletteProvider.

It is however possible to create a Custom RenderableSeries and draw whatever you want. Shading / thickness info could be stored in the PointMetadata object.

You can see an example on CustomRenderableSeries API here.

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  • Vibin Varghese
    ok. Is it possible to achieve what I showed in the attachment using Custom RenderableSeries? Here I need to control thickness and color based on x and y values at a point.
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    If you see the examples for CustomRenderableSeries you can control what lines / shapes / polygons / fills are drawn, what pen colors, what thicknesses etc… So yes it is possible! We don’t have an example of exactly what you want though …
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