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ShowTooltipOn behavior changed from v3 to v4


It appears that the behavior of the ShowTooltipOn attribute has changed between v3 and v4.

In v3, the following code showed a tooltip for a VerticalSlice only when the mouse cursor was over the data point (just the single tooltip beneath the mouse cursor was displayed)

<s:VerticalSliceModifier  ShowTooltipOn="MouseOver">

In v4, the same code shows all tooltips for all data points associated with all VerticalSlices at all times. It also seems like the “MouseOver” enumeration is the same as “Always” (they both show the tooltips at all times). I’ve been able to reproduce this behavior with the “Using Vertical Slice Tooltips” example.

Is there a way to restore the behavior exhibited in v3?

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Sounds like its a bug. Do you have an exact version/build? And do earlier v4 builds exhibit the same behaviour?
  • w b
    Good to know. Both v4.2.0.9002 and v4.2.0.9141 seem to exhibit this behavior.
  • w b
    Any updates on this issue? Should I submit an example app that reproduces what I’m seeing?
  • w b
    I’ve updated to v4.2.0.9164 and the bug seems to be gone. Thanks!
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Thanks for letting us know the issue is resolved! Yes we managed to squeeze this in right before the v4.2 release.

SC-3780 Fixed Rollover / VerticalSlices regression with the ShowTooltipOn mode.

Best regards,

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