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Software rasterisers not working (v3.x)


I realise this is a long shot as it refers to v3.6. I upgraded to v6 a few months ago, but the software in question still uses v3.6, and uses the default (high speed s/w) rasteriser.

In 9 years of using v3 I’ve never encountered any rendering issues with SciChart, either in a dev environment or on customer PCs.
Today though, I’ve encountered a user where the chart series aren’t rendering. I asked them to try your v3.6 demo application, and they see the same behaviour with this. The strange part of it is that most of the demo charts render correctly, and it’s just the “real-time” demos that aren’t working. The user can see the axes ranges updating, but the series themselves aren’t being drawn (i.e. the surface is empty). If they switch to the DX10 rasteriser via the combobox at the top then all charts do render correctly.

Our software is used on a wide range of Dell desktops that we always supply brand new to customers. The only obvious difference with this user is that they are using a Dell laptop, but it’s still brand new. It seems unlikely that it would be a graphics driver issue on such a new PC? And if it’s a hardware issue then I’d assume this would affect the DX10 rasteriser and not the s/w rasterisers?

Any thoughts or suggestions on what to investigate, or perhaps some way of seeing extra debug info that might shed some light on the problem? Like I say, I realise it’s a long shot with it being such an old version.

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Hi Andrew

It is possible its this issue, which is long standing related to Intel HD devices. We sometimes are able to fix these issues on our side (related to buggy drivers) but sometimes they require driver updates.

Depends really on the exact problem & the type of hardware on the client PCs.

The following threads cover issues on Intel HD devices

The first one contains code which reproduces the issue without any SciCHart code. Can you try that on the target machine? If it’s not working then its 100% the Intel driver issue

Best regards

  • Andrew Stephens
    Many thanks. It’s always the way, but after posting this question I then found a related post on Stack Overflow where you had provided details of the Intel driver version, so we’ll give that a try too. I was surprised to see how recent their fix is, considering how many years the problem seems to have been around!
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    You’d be surprised, we always seem to encounter problems with Intel drivers and sometimes they come back too! In our web charts we had a bug that just plain crashed the driver, thankfully we managed to fix it by workaround. If you solve the problem with a driver update please post here so that others can find it! Thank you,
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The problem was indeed down to the Intel drivers for computers with the integrated “Iris Xe graphics” adaptor (e.g. many Dell laptops). Apparently the issue can affect WPF rendering as a whole, not just SciChart.

A description of the problem:

Details of the driver fix, which I can confirm resolved the problem for us:

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