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I have a 1000 point array , however when displaying i see steppy waveform. I would have expected the waveforms to display smoothly.. as there are a lot of data points.. but looks like there is some aliasing happening.. played with the aliasing feature and that did not affect the results.

Is there a way scichart draws a line between two points instead of a sample and hold between the points it does not have values for ?

Played wit resamplingmode as well but couldn’t get ti right.

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Hi Manish,

Please take a look at our article on the High Speed vs. High Quality rendering plugins (rasterisers) in SciChart.

enter image description here

The default rasterizer uses very fast integer arithmetic, hence results in aliased (jagged) lines. The High Quality plugin is much smoother but will use more CPU.

We also have a DirectX plugin which is experimental.

Best regards,

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Thanks Andrew,

It solved my problem, i don;t have too much data so the speed is not an issue..

Manish Bhardwaj

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