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Strange behaviour of collapsing panes


I am trying to use SciChartGroupPane and ChildPanes for my application, and
want to collapse a pane , so that the remaining space is filled with the remaining graphs.

I tried binding the Visibility property to the charts itemcontainer style, but it only partially helped.
I got all the panes collapsing except for the first one. I attached a sample project, where I try to collapse all panes but the last one.

I asked the question here
but got no answer since then. The project could probably not be uploaded beacuse of the size.
I uploaded it here:

Is this behaviour normal? Is it a bug? Please help.


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Hi Yuriy!

This does not work for me. If I try binding the Visibility of the SciChartSurface to a IsFirstChartpane property in the pane, when I change the value, the pane only disappears, but the remaining charts does not resize, as i proposed here:


  • Yuriy Zadereckiy
    Hi Kristóf, unfortunately, that’s how SciChartGroup behaves by default. There isn’t any easy way to change it’s behavior to the desired one without rewriting the control. Thank you for understanding. Best regards, Yuriy
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Hi Kristóf,

Thanks for your request. Yes this is the expected behavior. SciChartGroup is designed to always show the first pane and allow to hide/show all the other panes. The first IChildPane doesn’t get wrapped into SciChartGroupPane, so you cannot hide it like the other panes.

I would suggest binding Visibility of your SciChartSurface in the ItemTemplate to a property which indicates whether it is the main (first) item or not, and hide it if it is. As an example, you could take a look at the BaseChartPaneViewModel.IsFirstChartPane and its usage in the Multipane Stock Charts example.

Does this make sense?

Best regards,

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hi, I’m currently trying to evaluate your product. I’m reading comments like you are making above and it is concerning me. I have a chart with 4 panes but I don’t want the user to be able to close these nor be able to move them up or down. This is not my requirement. I also want all of the panes to appear with equal height – as its stands its REALLY annoying to have to resize all of the panes so they can be seen. Above you are saying you would have to rewrite the control to allow this sort of flexibility? I’d be very sad if I’m let down by such a simple omission as the chart has otherwise been quite excellent. Surely you can allow this sort of adaptability? To summarise I want:

4 panes that are equally space vertically.
the panes resize equal when the window resizes
No X button on any pane
no move up/down button on any pane

If this is not something that your controls can do I’ll have to look elsewhere as there can only be other issues further down the line.

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Tim, why not use a WPF ItemsControl or StackPanel or Grid then and place the four charts in it? It should be very simple to arrange charts above each other without resizing and with equal height *without* using SciChart’s SciChartGroup control, which is specifically designed for stock charting / trading scenarios. An example here:
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Also you may be interested in our multi-chart tutorial, which shows how to have a dynamic number of charts equally spaced, all sizing equally in a WPF ItemsControl.
  • Tim Rutter
    of course, yes that makes sense. I thought the group was a requirement to allow the charts.
  • Tim Rutter
    No thats not a suitable solution as now I cannot make the 4 panes scroll and pan together. It strikes me as an odd approach to create a chart for such a specific scenario like you describe and not make it as flexible as possible. Surely even you might consider that for stock charting/trading there may be a requirement not to close certain panes or not want the panes to be resizable? What can I do to get around the scrolling problem? I was using the s:MouseManager.MouseEventGroup and ReceiveHandledEvents which now doesn’t work
  • Tim Rutter
    Further details: its the ZoomPanModifier that does not work. I have bound the visual range to a common view model property for all panes. I think this or the mouse event group is allow everything else to zoom concurrently. But the panning does not.
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