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Hello again 🙂

I’m trying to build a DataSeries of type: XyDataSeries ‹ int, Byte ›

But this throws a runtime exception: “The type initializer for ‘Abt.Controls.SciChart.XyDataSeries`2’ threw an exception.”
InnerException: “GenericMath does not support Type System.Byte”
So I understand that this isn’t supported…

My questions are:
1. From the samples that I saw, I could find DataSeries with type long, double, float as second parameter. Which other types are supported? Any “shorter” types?
2. Is there any documentation where I could have found my answer to question 1?
3. I surely will need more flexibility about this. I might need bits, bytes and more (4 bits numbers, etc). I can surely convert them into bigger types, but saving a single bit into a 64 bit type (double or long), is a very big waste of memory, especially because we need charts with huge amounts of data points…



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Best Answer

Update: SciChart v2.0 and above now support the following datatypes for XyDataSeries:

DateTime, TimeSpan, Double, Float, Long, ULong, Int, Uint, Short, UShort, Byte

Hope this helps,

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