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Suppressing console output


I get the following output in my console:

Visual Xccelerator Engine v6.2.1.13304

GPU Capability Test ### Is BGRA feature required: TRUE

Examining Graphics Adapter: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 VRAM: 128Mb
DeiceId: 22807

Visual Xccelerator Engine Direct3D9 Compatibility
Determines whether the adapter is blacklisted due to its unstable work… FALSE
Trying to create Direct3D9 Device… SUCCESS

Visual Xccelerator Engine Direct3D11 Compatibility
Trying to create Direct3D9Ex Device (WPF Compatibility)… SUCCESS
Trying to create Direct3D11 Device… SUCCESS

Rank: 2100128 Points

Selected Graphics Adapter, where DeviceId is: 22807 Is Direct3D9
Supported: TRUE Is Direct3D11 Supported: TRUE Is Blacklisted:

Hey this is SciChart here. Please help! Your GPU is too slow for my
awesome graphics software! I detected you have an Intel(R) UHD
Graphics 620 GPU. Please upgrade it because I’m feeling very
constrained by 128MB of Video RAM. My super-powerful Visual
Xccelerator engine can do so much better with 256MB+ of video memory.
THX! 😀

Is there a way to suppress this so it doesn’t show up? I use trace output to capture diagnostics in my application and this is showing up in the log.

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Hi Doug

I’m afraid there isn’t, the logic inside the attached property VisualXcceleratorEngine.IsEnabled performs a number of checks to determine compatibility, and we had to write this output to console window to assist in debugging on the various hardware out there.

Potentially we could change from using Trace.WriteLine to Console.WriteLine but then there’s no guarantee the output will be written by visual studio.

If you set this code instead in your application, it will enable visual xccelerator but with no compatibility check. I wouldn’t advise you do this for production code but might save you some logging while in development.

PerformanceHelper.SetEnableExtremeResamplers(sciChartSurface, true);
sciChartSurface.SetCurrentValue(SciChartSurfaceBase.RenderSurfaceProperty, new VisualXcceleratorRenderSurface());

Best regards,

  • Miles Merckel
    Would be good to be able to suppress this message. Checking the console output for issues having to bypass this message every time is a not optimal.
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