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I am developing a real-time application which needs multiple charts in some tab Items. I create a user control contain a ScichartSurface and RenderableSeries for each chart. Then apply this user Control as a list item of a list box in each tab. I inspired from 50-Channel EEG example.

The problem is the performance is too low and my tab items have a considerable delay on changing. So if I use one surface per tab item and use stacked YAxis to show series then does it make any difference?

Any insight would be much appreciate.

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Hi Maryam,

Have you profiled the application to find out the cause of slow performance on changing tab? It could be anything, it could be your code, it could be binding errors, exceptions being thrown, or the time to instantiate SciChart on tab switch.

This article suggests that WPF TabControl switching with lots of content can be slow.

You can consider virtualizing your tabcontrol, or creating a custom tabcontrol which virtualizes its contents (does not recreate on tab switch).

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