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Synchronous positioning of Y-Axis of multiple charts.

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I have several simple SciChartSurfaces in my WPF-grid. They are in the same WPF-column but in different WPF-rows, so they are arranged in a vertical manner.

I have noticed that the Y-Axis (a NumericAxis-objcet) moves automatically slightly to the left to make room for the numbers on the Y-Axis, if necessary.

I would like to ask if there is a way to “synchronize” the position of several similar Charts (or their Y-Axis´s, respectively.), so the different Y-Axis´s would always be in the same position. Ideally, the Y-Axis´s of all the Charts would move as far to the left as necessary to make room for the longest number of all the Axis´s.

I have attached an example of my current situation and the solution I would ideally like to achieve.

Is there any way to “connect” the different Axis of the charts to create the desired result?

Thank you.

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Best Answer

Hi Marc

Easy question & answer – this has been asked before

Synchronize YAxis Size with Vertically Aligned Charts

The API hasn’t changed for this in 10 years if you can believe it!

Let me know if this helps

Best regards

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Thank you Andrew, works perfectly,

I used “SciChartGroup.SetVerticalChartGroup()” to sort all the SciChartSurfaces in the right vertical groups and now they are perfectly synchronized.

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