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Hi guys,

I purchased sci chart recently and have been using it in our trading applications. We have a requirement to produce some reports around our activity that are not numeric or date time on the x-axis.

I assumed sci chart would be able to handle text on an axis but it seems that it cant. Is there any work around to this?!

We really do not want to have to buy another charting package just to produce some simple charts and we love sci chart for everything else…

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Hello there,

We are going to introduce LabelFormatter property in AxisBase class, which allows to change text on axis. To do this, you need to implement ILabelFormatter interface, which contains a method

        public string FormatLabel(IComparable dataValue)

So, you will be able to change axis labels text depending on data value at this point. Is this suitable for you? Will that approach work in your case?

Best regards,

  • chesh30
    Yes this should work, will this be in the new beta?
  • Yuriy Zadereckiy
    Yes, it will. It will be included in both Standard and Premium edition. Please, feel free to post if you need more info! Yuriy
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we now have a tutorial showing how this can be done with SciChart v2.0 or above. Please see the Screenshots, XPS Printing, X-Axis Text Labels article now has an updated sample which compiles against SciChart v3.0 so you can download it and get started.

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