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I’m using the TooltipModifier to show a tooltip for a series.

The tooltip is defined globally in the ‘ChartModifier’ section. However I have multiple series, and I would only like to show the tooltip for a specific series, and not the others.

How can I achieve this?


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Hi there,

You can use the TooltipModifier.IncludeSeries attached property:

        <FastLineRenderableSeries TooltipModifier.IncludeSeries="True"/>
        <FastLineRenderableSeries TooltipModifier.IncludeSeries="False"/>

The default value is true. Setting it to false excludes a particular series from the TooltipModifier.

Hope this helps,


  • Kohins
    Is there a way to do this from the code behind, in a mvvm fashion?
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Going to respond to Kohins’ Question:

Is there a way to do this from the code behind, in a mvvm fashion?

Yes, you can. You can access the data from the codebehind if you’re using MVVM by getting the renderableSeries from your chart named “plot”.

var seriesSource = plot.RenderableSeries;
foreach (var data in seriesSource)
     // set criteria for removal of cursor modifier (i.e. if series type == something)
     CursorModifier.SetIncludeSeries(data as DependencyObject, false);

Hope this helps.

Edit – Make sure you change the modifier class to the type of rollover modifier you’re planning on using:

Cursor Modifier — CursorModifier.SetIncludeSeries
Rollover Modifier — RolloverModifier.SetIncludeSeries

— Ari

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Hi Andrew,

is there a working MVVM example where the SetIncludeSeries is used. I failed implementing it for a LegendModifier which is part of a ModifierGroup which is bound to the ViewModel.


  • Jianping Cai
    The property “BaseRenderableSeriesViewModel.IncludeRolloverModifier ” can be used, which solved a similar problem for me.
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