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TooltipModifier/CursorModifier work

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My aim is to create a permament tooltip that will always show current mouse position and current position with extra information when cursor is over renderable series. I’ve looked through all examples and found suitable one (example). But there is a little problem. When cursor is out of renderable series x-data range, tool tip disappearrs, even ShowTooltipOnproperty is set “Always”.

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Egor,

The SciChart RolloverModifier and TooltipModifier with ShowTooltipOn=Always are designed to show the tooltip whether the mouse is stationary, or over a point, or moving, however they still hide the tooltip when there is no data (e.g. when no series are under the mouse).

What you could do is create yourself a modifier which can show some data always.

You could have a look at Custom ChartModifiers – Part 1 – Creating a Custom Rollover Modifier. Here we present how to use the Custom ChartModifier API to show a tooltip. This can be modified to have any behaviour you want.

Let me know if this helps.

Best regards,

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