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I am using a SciStockChart and trying to add Trade Markers as outlined here However, I am not getting a proper xCoordinate from the coordinate calculator. I believe SciStockChart is using a CategoryCoordinateCalculator and I must do an extra step in order to get the proper result from the DateTime input. Here is the line that is not working correctly. double xCoord = xCoordCalculator.GetCoordinate(trade.ExecutionTime.Value); Is there another step I need to take in order to get the proper xCoord value?

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ok, I seem to have solved this. I’m casting the current x coordinate calculator to a category calculator like this.
var xCoordCalculator = PriceChart.XAxis.GetCurrentCoordinateCalculator() as ICategoryCoordinateCalculator;

Then I get the index of the DateTime object and use the index as input to the coordinate calculator.
var index = xCoordCalculator.TransformDataToIndex(trade.ExecutionTime.Value);
double xCoord = xCoordCalculator.GetCoordinate(index);

This is working for me.

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