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UniformGridDataSeries3D doesn't draw if X axis has only 1 value in it

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If I create a UniformGridDataSeries3D:

 new UniformGridDataSeries3D<float>(1, 3);

The 3D surface is blank. If x > 1 it draws correctly.

This is basically like a 2D histogram plot.

Before having to provide an example, is this a limitation of using a UniformGridDataSeries3D, and if so, is there a workaround?

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Patrik, it should work, it should render a single strip of cells. I will ask the WPF team to investigate. Best regards, Andrew
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SciChart got back to me with the following:

This issue happens because UniformGridDataSeries3D is a Grid. so it
requires minimum 2 values. So a possible workaround could be to have 2
points, but the last one transparent. You can also try using
XyzDataSeries instead.

I can confirm that XyzDataSeries works.

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