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I have am plotting a data series comprising of positive and negative values. I’ve used Column Series, and Numeric Axis.
These (seem) to work fine when the number of data points on the x-axis is in the range of 1000-2000, but when I try to plot 10,000+ columns on the chart, negative values are selectively not rendered.

So what used to be an equal distribution of positive and negative values for the time series using columns now increasingly becomes positive-only as the number of columns is increased.

The width of the chart is roughly 2000 pixels, and I’m plotting anywhere from 3K to 20K+ points.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions – this is major obstacle for visualizing my data.

The attached file shows this.


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Hi there,

Can you please set FastColumnRenderableSeries.ResamplingMode = ResamplingMode.MinMax ?

This should render the negative values.

We will also log a bug so that SciChart can auto detect this case (where negative values are present in column series).

Best regards,

  • Srikant Krishna
    Hi Andrew, Awesome, worked like a charm! Yes I suspected the interpolation/resampling was the issue. Thanks, Ceremony
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