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Update an X value of a XyDataSeries

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I have an XyDataSeries<DateTime, double> series, and it has filled some data. In runtime I would like to change a DateTime value on X axis (olddatetime to newdatetime). How can I do that?
Now I use solution that I remove the old XY data belongs to olddatetime and add a new XY data with newdatetime and same value. This solution works fine, but I don’t know is there a simpler solution for this?
I didn’t find any update method of XyDataSeries class which can updates an X value.
I tried the simple : XValues[olddatetimeidx] = newdatetime but problem is that SciChart surface doesn’t refresh, and I didn’t find any method that refresh all XY data.
Thank you

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A similar question was asked last week, we shared the API to XyDataSeries.

Does it help?

Best regards,

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Thank you. I will use remove old and append new method.

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