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I’ve the following problem.

We have an application where we have many spectrums (frequency or order spectrums). To get a better overview and to select one for a more detailed analysis, we would like to display them as a waterfall chart. A spectrum always has a high resolution of 32768 points. If I now display between 60 and 100 spectrums in a waterfall chart, it takes quite a long time to render this and it is almost impossible to operate the chart.

However, a high-resolution spectrum is not required for a good overview in the waterfall diagram. Therefore my idea is to resample every single spectrum to e.g. 8192 points and then display it in the waterfall diagram.

Is there a possibility to use the internal SciChart resampler (e.g. Min/Max) or do I have to develop an own algorithm for this?

Or does a similar function already exist in SciChart?


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Hi Ingo

We have a sample actually in our Github repository that does exactly this. It creates a Waterfall 3D Chart and has many slices, each with 65,000 points.

Please see here:

Let me know if this helps!

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Hi, Andrew,

thank you very much! The example fits perfectly and also works in my code immediately and without problems.

One thing I noticed. If I replace the obsolete PointResamplerFactory by the ExtremeResamplersFactory
I get an exception, because there is 1 more value in the Y-values than specified in the property Count.

I have attached a screenshot of your example with the exception.

I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or if this is a bug from SciChart.


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