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Is it possible to use non .Net types in a DataSeries?
I need to use complex types like this…

XyDataSeries<DateTime, ComplexTypeObject>

I need to store additional property to a series point, Is it possible? or is there a different way of doing it.

I tried doing it like this

public class DataValue : ISeriesPoint<double>, IComparable 

but it doesn’t work.


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Hi Benjamin,

Not at this time. The reason why is that the DataSeries are heavily processed before drawing, and we like to keep them to simple types for performance reasons.

What you’re hoping to achieve is point-metadata, e.g. tagging a point with more data than just a numeric value. In SciChart v3.x we have a few posts on how to do this here:

It’s also something that we’re actively researching to add natively to the API. Our aim is to provide the flexibility while maintaining performance – not easy, but we think it is possible!

Best regards,

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