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I need to be able to show the user pre- and postmarket phases on a chart. Above is the screenshot of another control that does what I need.

To my understanding, I just need to implement the read only vertical range annotation and place it behind the series.

As I don’t have the source code license, could you please give me some advice from where to start the implementation process?

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Why not use a BoxAnnotation with semi-transparent background and use the property AnnotationCanvas to set it below the chart?


You will need to set X1, X2 of the BoxAnnotation to the indices or DateTime’s of the premarket/after market session, but set Y1, Y2 to 0.0, 1.0 respectively and CoordinateMode = RelativeY.

There is a demo of what CoordinateMode.Relative does in the Trade-Markers example. Also the Annotations are Easy tutorial under has a description of annotation properties.

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    That looks like it should do it, thanks!
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