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Dear all,

in many sample I have explore min the chart there is the following line below :



I do not understand correctly what ChartModifiers does and when we need to implement it.

could you pleas clarify ?


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What is the ChartModifier API?

Within the SciChart SDK, ChartModifiers are the classes which can be added to a chart to give it a certain behaviour. For instance, all zooming, panning operations, tooltips, legends and even selection of points or lines are handled by ChartModifierBase derived classes in the SciChart codebase.

There are many different ChartModifiers provided by SciChart and each one deserves an article by itself! This article is concerned with simply giving an overview of the modifiers and where you can find the examples in our Examples Suite which demonstrate them. There are also several individual articles on the ChartModifier’s and how to configure them in the SciChart Documentation.

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