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Hi Andrew

We would like to be able to view candlestick charts (including any indicators we might be using) at two different time frames for the same stock.

i.e have 1 day candles displayed – and then inside the body of each 1 day candle another chart showing hour based candles for intraday behaviour.

Is this possible?


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A candlestick chart when you zoom in, inside the body of the candlestick another chart? đŸ˜¯

Uhm no, I don’t think it is possible, however, you could achieve some interesting effects using a combination of these techniques:

Best regards,

  • Ian Carson
    Hi Andrew I guess it was a bit out there but believe it or not it would be a useful feature for our trading approach. Does it warrant a feature request? regards Ian
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    I think it might be a rewrite of a component from the ground up ;-) That being said, I'm sure you could achieve some interesting drill downs using our Annotations feature. Also check out our Multi-XAxis examples - it is possible to have more than one XAxis (with some hidden or shown) so you could register series on a different XAxis and then show them on top with 50% opacity say. Best regards, Andrew
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