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WPF and Chart Surface is blank

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I have a wpf application that is binding to the FastLineRenderableSeries . I can see the axes changing and I can see the lines been rendered if they are 0 or at the y range limit but the center of the chart is blank.

I have worked on this for a couple of days and I have other developers helping out and we just cannot get anything to show on the chart surface. It is as if the center of the chart is missing. There are no grid lines displayed either.

Is there a problem with screen resolutions or something similar. Nothing shows in the center of the chart. I can see lines on the Y-Axis limits but not on the center.

I would appreciate any help as I am at me limits trying to get a simple line graph working. It should just work as I have looked at the samples and mine is similar.

I have attached a zip file with the image in it.


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Hi Bryan,

I answered your support ticket. Did you not receive the email? Please log in to and see what I said + answer.

Basically, Your code should work. I see nothing untoward there (except UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged is not needed).

The chart should ‘just draw’. It should also warn you why it isn’t drawing if you have SciChartSurface.DebugWhySciChartDoesntRender=True.

See Help! My Chart is Blank! Why Doesn’t SciChart Render?

So I would ask you to send over a code sample that reproduces the issue and we can investigate. I would also ask you to set DebugWhySciChartDoesntRender=true and report back any error messages or binding errors in the output window. Finally, ensure you are using the latest version of SciChart as we fix bugs all the time (you haven’t reported which version you are using).

Let me know the above info and we’ll be happy to help.

Best regards,

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