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WPF donut chart questions

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I see documentation that you can create a pie chart without mvvm and use piechartsegmentitem. It doesn’t appear the same can be done with a wpf chart. Is that correct? Also can animation be changed on wpf donut chart? Thanks.

  • John
    Also curious how you can retrigger the animation manually if you wanted to? I don’t see start and stop animation
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi John, there’s a couple of questions there, could you clarify something? You want to be able to create a WPF SciChartSurface (not pie not donut but normal 2D Chart) without MVVM? Or you want to know how to create a pie/donut chart without MVVM? Best regards, Andrew
  • John
    Sorry for confusion. I meant being able to create a donut chart segment in xaml like what is capable with pie chart like what is outlined here Also any way to manually trigger the animation on a donut chart. I know I can with renderable series in line and column charts but donut chart doesn’t use renderable series.
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Hi John,

Thanks for your inquiry and for the clarification. I am sorry for the late reply.
The Donut Chart and Pie Chart share the same base class as you can see on the following documentation page:

So you should be able to create and configure SciChartDonutSurface similarly to SciChartPieSurface.
I have noticed we have no code for Pie Chart on our Examples page. We’ll fix this. Please find the corresponding code here:

You can also find the Pie Chart and Donut Chart examples in our Examples suite.

Regarding animation – it is not supported currently. However, you can create a New feature request and let people vote for it. Here is how to do this:

With best regards,

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