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WPF Shade area under a curve between two limits


I have a LineRenderableSeriesViewModel and I want to be able to select the chart using possibly a VerticialSliceModifier, double click it, and then find the limits of the peak centred around the VerticalSliceModifier and shade the region underneath the curve. Finding the limits of the curve is ok, but how would I shade the region in?
Any pointers would be really useful.

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Hi there

I’m not sure of the exact visualisation you need, but you may be interested in our Band series, or Mountain series.

Band Series create a fill between two lines. The lines don’t have to be visible (set the stroke properties to Transparent) and

enter image description here

Mountain Series create a fill between a single line and a zero-value which can be configured by the user.

enter image description here

Overlaying either one of these series into the chart could allow you to create a polygon fill of a segment.

Does that help?

Best regards,

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