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I have a datetime x-axis. The data i want to see is ordered. However there are gaps in my datetimes. When i load the data SciChart will fill all the gaps with empty space. E.g i load some data from 02-03-2014 to 05-03-2014 and continue at 07-08-2014 and ends at 10-10-2014. Sci chart creates an axis from 02-03-2014 to 10-10-2014. Is there an option where i can avoid those empty spaces? In the pics you can see what im trying to achieve.

I dont know why the pics are not complete. Just click them to see the whole picture. The first one is how my data is loaded. The second one is how i want it to be loaded.

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Hi bochelie,

There are two types of DateTimeAxis which SciChart provides out of the box. The are Value Axes and Category Axes. You can see the difference in the article CategoryDateTimeAxis vs. DateTimeAxis.

You can try our CategoryDateTimeAxis type, however that will ignore the XAxis values for computation of x-coordinate, choosing only the index of the value instead. There is currently no way to specify a range of values to exclude from an XAxis in SciChart.

Best regards,

  • bochelie
    Andrew, I get it now. Wath i am asking for is almost imposible to do in a simple way. I think i have to rethink the use of my chart.
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