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X axis values repeated with autoticks

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When i am in Zoom in my X axis values are repeated (See attached image) i think the problem with autoticks the xaml code for x axis is



how can i fix this?

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Hi Raghupathy,

This occurs because the default NumericAxis.TextFormatting = “0.###”

Take a look at this article on MSDN about Custom Numeric Format Strings

“#” Digit placeholder: Replaces the “#” symbol with the corresponding
digit if one is present; otherwise, no digit appears in the result

e.g. 1234.5678 (“#####”) -> 1235

If you want to see decimal places, you need to set a StringFormat that includes decimals. For instance:

NumericAxis.TextFormatting = "0.000###"

Will always show 3 decimal places. For more advanced string-formatting, please see our LabelProvider API.

Best regards,

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