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XAxis in direction from right to left

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I’m just started to use SciChart and I have a question. How I can mirror XAxis in order to values will be increased from right to left. It is not negative scale but this view is more familiar for users (now I remake the old application). P.S. And be the best if additionally you show me how to make static XAxis with chosen range. I see the example in demo’s “Create Realtime Charts” section (my chart will be real-time too), but my application created via MVVM and I think this example not fully applicable to my case (but I fink after some investigation I will can remake example, but if you help me it be easier).

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Hi Fedor

To swap the direction of an axis (and all series on that axis) set Axis.FlippedCoordinates = true

In order to define the axis gridline interval or create a static axis, you have several options:

  • Axis Interval of gridlines/text labels was literally just asked yesterday. See the question here
  • Static Axis is where we fix the labels at positions along the axis, but update the label value (rather than scrolling label values at nice round-numbers). You can see an example of static axis here.

Let me know if this helps,

Best regards,

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