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The type or namespace name 'XyDataSeries' could not be found


‘Hi i get a weird problem:

The type or namespace name ‘XyDataSeries’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly )

I also get the error with IChartSeriesViewModel, FastLineRenderableSeries and IXyDataSeries

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I have no idea. It sounds like a similar error VS puts out (in English) – the type X cannot be found in the namespace Y.

Typically when I’ve seen this its been a badly resolved reference, e.g. you have two DLLs of different versions referenced by different projects, or, you have recently upgraded the DLL version and Visual Studio has not cleared its cache.

Try restarting Visual Studio, deleting all Bin/Obj directories and doing a clean re-build. Does it work?

If not, try creating a blank project and start including these classes. Can Visual Studio see them?


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