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XyDataSeries with rare points disappears when points are outside of the visible range of x-axis


Hello, dear SciChart!
I try to build one technical indicator (ZigZag) over the market candles.

For candles I use OhlcDataSeries<DateTime, double>;
For indicator I use XyDataSeries<DateTime, double>;

All is good untill I zoom in – my tech indicator disappears. I see, that it happends only when inside the visible range on x-axis remains only 1 point.

All I want is to know, how to always keep zigzag line visible (see my pic #2, please).
For more details, please, see my pictures.

Thanks a lot!

My code to init tech indicator serie:

var cw_zz0 = new XyDataSeries<DateTime, double>() { SeriesName = string.Format("zz") };
        surface.RenderableSeries.Add(new FastLineRenderableSeries()
            Stroke = Colors.Red,
            StrokeThickness = 1,
            DataSeries = cw_zz0,
            IsSelected = true,
            IsVisible = true,
            DrawNaNAs = LineDrawMode.ClosedLines,
            YAxisId = surface.YAxes.First().Id,
            RolloverMarkerTemplate = surface.TryFindResource("MarkerTemplate") as ControlTemplate,

enter image description here
enter image description here

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I think to answer this question we really need code to reproduce, where we can investigate fully and debug why this line is disappearing (it shouldn’t disappeared under normal operation)

If you would like to receive help on this issue please consider the following:

  1. To provide a full code sample to reproduce the above issue
  2. We will test it in the latest version
  3. If we find a bug, we will fix it — in the latest version
  4. However, to use this you need to renew your support subscription (your support expired in August 2018)

Best regards

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