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YAxes disappear when using ZoomExtentsModifier

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i have a chart with Xaxis as datetimeaxis and several Yaxes, when ZoomExtentsModifier is used, some YAxes disappear This problem can be solved with HighPrecisionNumericAxis, but the performance suffers
Version: v6.1.0 Build: 13075

V6.1.0 Build 13075
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Hi Son Vu

The problem is the precision on the axis. It is related to this issue here:

Unfortunately, SciChart is only able to zoom until the X or Y Axis VisibleRange Max-Min is approximately 1E-12.

This is because all calculations within SciChart are done using 64-bit Double precision variables, and the limit of precision for Double in C# .NET is 15-16 decimal places. We need some precision to do the calculations so we have found that SciChart is usually stable up to VisibleRange Max-Min = 1E-12 but not smaller than that.

In SciChart v5.4.1.12135 or above, we now have a new feature which allows very high precision axis when values are very small. Try apply this code to your axis

numericAxis.TickProvider = new HighPrecisionNumericTickProvider();

This has been tested and can be used to zoom many orders of magnitude smaller than 1E-12 on the NumericAxis.

Best regards,

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