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tl;dr = Why can’t I use DateTime on the YAxis for any XY type plots (Line, Scatter, etc)?

I have created a Heatmap solution that displays data with Time along the Left and Frequency along the bottom. This works great, and I don’t really want to refactor it.

Now, I am trying to plot some observations over the top of the heatmap, in the form of (value, timestamp). Then I run smack into the limitation mentioned in the title of this post. Can someone please explain the limitation? Isn’t the DateTime just a long (which can be a double)? You already do work at the double level (as evidenced by the AsDoubleRange() method on all of the Range objects), so why not just convert to Ticks, and then convert back?

I think I can solve my issue by adding axes, rotating them, managing their visual range… Just seems like a lot of work for a relatively arbitrary (at least on the surface) limitation.

Thank you for any insight you can provide.


  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hah, good question. Erm, because we never implemented it to work on YAxis? Theoretically it can work, we just haven’t done it.
  • Michael Dusoe
    Thank you for your honesty! I managed to get it working by using 2 extra Axes, rotating them so X is on the left, Y is on the bottom. VisibileRange for the Y Axis is bound to the same property in the VM that my Heatmap’s X VisibleRange is bound to, and vice versa. Then I had to play with FlipCoordinates to get it lined up properly… but voila! Anyway, I appreciate the timely response… Mike.
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