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UserDefinedDistributionCalculator<TX,TY> Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by UserDefinedDistributionCalculator<TX,TY>.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorUserDefinedDistributionCalculator<TX,TY> ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the UserDefinedDistributionCalculator<TX,TY> class.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyContainsNaNGets or sets if the data cointains NaN values  
Public PropertyDataContainsNaNGets whether the data contains NaN values (Inherited from SciChart.Charting.Model.DataSeries.BaseDataDistributionCalculator<TX,TY>)
Public PropertyDataIsEvenlySpacedGets whether the data is evenly paced (Inherited from SciChart.Charting.Model.DataSeries.BaseDataDistributionCalculator<TX,TY>)
Public PropertyDataIsSortedAscendingGets whether this DataSeries contains Sorted data in the X-direction. Note: Sorted data will result in far faster indexing operations. If at all possible, try to keep your data sorted in the X-direction (Inherited from SciChart.Charting.Model.DataSeries.BaseDataDistributionCalculator<TX,TY>)
Public PropertyIsEvenlySpacedGets or sets if the data is evenly spaced, within a visual epsilon (typically 1.0/8000.0 of the default spacing)  
Public PropertyIsSortedAscendingGets or sets if the data is sorted  
Public PropertyMinXSpacingGets the minimal spacing betwen X Values (Inherited from SciChart.Charting.Model.DataSeries.BaseDataDistributionCalculator<TX,TY>)
Public Methods
Public MethodClearClears the DataDistributionCalculator flags (Inherited from SciChart.Charting.Model.DataSeries.BaseDataDistributionCalculator<TX,TY>)
Public MethodOnAppendOverridden. Called when X Values are appended. Should update the Data Distribution flags  
Public MethodOnInsertOverridden. Called when new values are inserted. Should update the Data Distribution flags  
Public MethodOnRemoveOverridden. Called when X Values are inserted. Should update the Data Distribution flags  
Public MethodOnUpdateOverridden. Called when yValues are updated. Should update the Data Distribution flags  
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodToEnumerable<T>Yields a single item, converting it to System.Collections.IEnumerable.
Public Extension MethodToStringArray2D<T>
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UserDefinedDistributionCalculator<TX,TY> Class
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