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Getting Started with SciChart WPF

What is SciChart WPF?

SciChart WPF is a High-Performance WPF 2D & 3D Chart Component. Designed for use in scientific, financial, trading, engineering and medical applications where you require extreme speed, rich interactivity and depth of features and flexibility in a WPF chart.



SciChart WPF is now in its 8th generation, and provides an extremely rich, fast and interactive charting experience with a wide array of chart types.

SciChart WPF is used by thousands of customers in over 80 countries worldwide, in sectors ranging from Defence to Medical, Financial and Trading to Oil & Gas, Process Management to Formula 1 and Space Exploration. When you become a SciChart WPF customer, you join a community of developers support by a world-class WPF graphics & visualisation team. We want you to enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them, as well as to succeed, so if you have any feedback good or bad, please get in touch as we want to hear from you.

The following document serves as a reference and an overview of the features in the SciChart WPF v8 SDK. For a complete code reference, see the API Documentation and the WPF Examples Suite, which contains 170+ code samples you can run, export and modify for yourself. 

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