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SciChart for WPF is a Realtime, High Performance WPF Charting Library made with Financial, Medical & Scientific Apps in mind. Perfect for Projects that Need Extreme Performance and Slick Interactive Charts.

Get the Job Done with our ~50 2D & 3D WPF Chart Types and Extensive API.


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WPF Chart Performance

Our legendary WPF Charting performance is achieved by a mixture of extensive end-to-end performance optimisations, C++ code, C# unsafe code, DirectX drawing (with fall-back to software) and intelligent culling / resampling / data transformation algorithms. You just won’t find real-world WPF/.NET Chart performance quite like SciChart!

With SciChart, it is now possible to display millions, or even billions of data-points in WPF line, scatter or candlestick charts and update in real-time. It’s also possible to display thousands of series, or hundreds of WPF Charts on a single UI without stalling the rest of your user interface.

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Animated WPF Charts

SciChart’s features WPF Chart Animation API.

There are four basic animation types provided out of the box: Fade, Sweep, Scale, and Wave Animations.

SciChart’s WPF Chart Animations API is made flexible so that you can control when an animation starts and stops, the animation start delay and animation duration. There are also several predefined EasingFunctions available in WPF, that would allow to further adjust the animation behaviour.

Animated WPF Charts
Add Tooltips and Cursors to WPF Charts

Cursors & Tooltips

Our WPF Chart Library features a powerful Chart Modifier API with rich cursors & tooltips out of the box.

Create interactive applications with cursors, rollovers, vertical lines, legends and more. You can template your tooltips tooltips as well as create custom chart modifiers for literally endless configuration in your application.


Unlimited Multiple X, Y Axis

Our WPF Chart features unlimited, multiple X and Y axis.

You can place X-axis at the Top or bottom and Y axis on the Left or Right. Several axes on one side is also possible.

You can rotate charts by displaying X axis on the Left/Right and Y axis on the Top/Bottom. You can mix types of axis on the same chart and have unlimited customization as to how your data is scaled.

Our WPF Charts allow unlimited, multiple XAxis and YAxis on the left, top, right or bottom
WPF Charts zoom, panning and axis dragging

Zooming and Panning

Our WPF Charts provide you with an API to zoom, pan and scroll charts. You can allow your users to pan or zoom chart in x or y directions or both; set or animate Axis VisibleRange programmatically or via MVVM; to programmatically pan or scale.

Our powerful custom ChartModifier API provides ability to develop custom mouse interactivity extensions.


Annotations & Markers

Our WPF Chart Library features a powerful Annotations API which allows you to place WPF UIElements over the chart at specific data-point locations.

There are plenty of Annotations ready our of the box, e.g. line, arrow, box, text and more. Custom annotations are possible if you want to display custom markers or points of interest. SciChart supports interaction with annotations, where you can allow user to click on annotation, drag it and resize.

Add annotations, text labels, boxes, lines an custom markers to a WPF Chart with our Annotations API

Styling and Theming

Our WPF Chart Library ships with 8 stunning themes in a Theme Manager, which you can apply to your charts with a single line of code. Themes affect default cursor, zoom, axis, grid and series colors.

You may customize your WPF Charts even further and create your own custom theme.


// What about WPF 3D Charts?

SciChart WPF v5 now supports DirectX powered WPF 3D Chart Library and Controls including Real-time WPF 3D Surface Mesh Chart, WPF 3D Point-Cloud Chart, WPF 3D Scatter Chart, WPF 3D Bubble Chart, 3D Column Chart and more … Our WPF 3D Charts are both real-time and interactive and allow zooming, panning, rotating of a 3D scene seamlessly inside a WPF Charting application, all using declarative XAML and MVVM as WPF was intended to be used.

WPF 3D Chart
WPF 3D Chart
WPF 3D Chart
WPF 3D Chart
WPF 3D Chart
WPF 3D Chart
WPF 3D Chart
WPF 3D Chart
WPF 3D Chart
WPF 3D Chart
WPF 3D Chart
WPF 3D Chart

Rich Core WPF Charting API: Extensible and Customizable

SciChart’s WPF Chart API has been refined over six years with feedback from thousands of developers and end-users. Our WPF Chart API has amazingly rich features which allow you to extend, customize or otherwise bend the chart control to your will.

  • Rich, Interactive Annotations API
  • Absolute Placement at X,Y Data Values, SciChart Updates Positions Automatically
  • Relative Placement e.g. Top 5%, Left 10%
  • Line Annotation
  • Line Arrow Annotation
  • Box Annotation
  • Textbox / Label
  • Vertical Line with Axis Value
  • HorizontalLine with Axis Value
  • Custom Annotation for any UIElement
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Measure Peak to Peak / Cycle Duration
  • Composite Custom Annotation API
  • Supports Templating and Styling
  • Placement Above or Below the chart
  • Optional Dragging / Resizing via mouse
  • Showing / Hiding via MVVM or in Code
  • WPF Chart Sweep Animation
  • WPF Chart Wave Animation
  • WPF Chart Fade Animation
  • WPF Chart Scale Animation
  • Controlling the Start and Stop Animation methods
  • Controlling Animation Delay and Duration
  • Easing Functions Property
  • Unlimited, Multiple X,Y Axis
  • Axis Placement Customisation (Left, Top, Right, Bottom, Centre)
  • Customize Label Formatting, Positioning, Placement
  • Numeric, Logarithmic, DateTime, Category and TimeSpan Axis Types
  • Templatable Axis Titles and Labels
  • Rotate Axis Labels
  • Toggle Gridlines, Ticks and Bands On or Off
  • Style Axis Borders, Gridlines, Ticks and Labels
  • Discontinuous DateTimeAxis Type for trading apps
  • Polar Axis Type
  • Horizontal or Vertical Charts for Oil & Gas Industry
  • Synchronize Axis Sizes across Charts
  • Scientific or Engineering Notation
  • Programmatic Axis Pixel-Data Conversion API
  • Crosshairs which tracks the mouse with Axis Labels and optional Tooltips
  • Rollover (Vertical line which tracks the mouse) with Hoverable Trackballs and active legends
  • Templatable, Customisable Tooltips on Hover.
  • Drag & Position Vertical Lines which slice your data and show tooltips on series intersection
  • Showing Latest Series Values on the YAxis
  • Templatable, Active Chart Legends
  • Pass Business-objects (Metadata) through to Tooltips
  • Style Tooltips according to your application style
  • MVVM Friendly SeriesBinding which binds to Chart Series ViewModels
  • Comprehensive set of ViewModels for each built in Chart-Type
  • Add/Remove or Chart Series via MVVM or Code
  • Dynamically Add/Remove Axis via MVVM or Code
  • Dynamically Add/Remove Annotations via MVVM or Code
  • Change Chart Type or Styling Properties via MVVM or Code
  • Manipulate Data in ViewModels and get automatic updates on the Chart
  • Trigger Redraw from MVVM or code
  • Control whether Zoom/Pan Behaviour is enabled from MVVM or code.
  • Bind Tooltips to Business Objects via the Point Metadata API
  • FAST Immediate-Mode, bitmap powered rendering in WPF
  • High Quality (CPU), High Speed (CPU), DirectX (GPU) and Vector (CPU) Rasterizer Plugins
  • Fallback from DirectX to software if GPU not available
  • Renders over Remote desktop and Screen Share
  • High Quality Bitmap and Vector Export
  • AntiAliasing On/Off per series
  • Color points individually with PaletteProvider API
  • Gradient Fills on Mountain, Column, Candlestick Types
  • Color Fills and Strokes
  • Dashed Lines with StrokeDashArray
  • Render null/empty points with Double.NaN
  • Set line StrokeThickness
  • Data-point Markers: Ellipse, Cross, Triangle, Square, Custom
  • Access to our RenderContext API to draw your own series, bands and markers
  • Hit-Test API for mouse click/hover of series, points.
  • Rich ChartModifier API for overriding MouseDown, MouseMove, MouseUp, Touch behaviours on the chart
  • Data-point Selection programmatically or via the mouse
  • Series-selection programmatically or via the mouse
  • Nearest point to mouse / Is Over point via Hit-Test API
  • Series Values under the mouse via the Rollover API
  • 8 Stunning Themes to choose from
  • Create Custom Themes easily
  • Override Properties in XAML, e.g. Background, Gridlines, Text Color, Series Stroke and Fill
  • XAML Styling for Chart components, RenderableSeries, Tooltips, Legends and more
  • WPF-Friendly, Templatable API
  • Create Stunning looking Charts with Modern Styles!
  • Drag a rectangle to animate-zoom
  • Scroll via Axis Drag
  • Mousewheel to zoom
  • Double-click to animate zoom extents
  • Pan horizontally or vertically via mouse-drag
  • Touch screen support including Pinch to Zoom
  • Synchronize Mouse across charts
  • Scrollbars and Overview controls
  • Set or animate Axis VisibleRange programmatically or via MVVM
  • API to Programmatically pan or scale
  • Powerful custom ChartModifier API for developing custom mouse interactivity extensions
  • Zoom History (zoom undo/redo)

New to SciChart v5.2!

  • Trading drawing tools for financial applications
  • Draw on the chart with Brush Annotation / Freedraw tool
  • Add Fibonacci Retracements / Extensions
  • Draw Elliot Waves
  • Draw Garley/Harmonic XABCD Patterns
  • Draw Head & Shoulders pattern
  • Draw Pitchfork / Channel patterns

Built For Developers

Continous Delivery

SciChart keeps growing and improving with new features and updates. Report a bug and we often fix it that day and push to Maven / Github. SciChart Android customers benefit from code changes within minutes and can apply them straight to their build.

Searchable, Online Documentation

With hundreds of documentation pages online, tutorials, code samples and thousands of forum questions all indexed by Google, find what you want fast just by searching the web.

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Getting Started with SciChart WPF Chart Library

Developers! To help you get started, we have broken it down to three easy steps Please take a look at the resources below. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to make the getting-started process better, please do contact us!

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SciChart's chart library is trusted by thousands of developers worldwide and has customers in almost 80 countries from sectors including Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Medical, Instrumentation, Defence, Aerospace, Motorsport, Process Automation, Mining, Investment Banking, Trading and more. See what our customers say about their experience with SciChart.

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SciChart’s WPF Charts are licensed on a perpetual, per-developer licensing model, with royalty-free redistribution. You get access to the world’s best WPF Charts, starting from just $1499 per developer license.