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Why SciChart?

The best JS charts for complex, interactive applications

Are you considering SciChart.js or an open source JavaScript chart library? If so, here are some reasons why our customers consider SciChart.js to be the best JavaScript chart on the market for complex or interactive apps.

Read on to find out why SciChart is Perfect for Big Data & Realtime Chart Applications

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Extreme performance JavaScript charts

With WebGL hardware acceleration, WebAssembly for the fastest possible numerical performance, and a smart and lossless data-point resampling algorithm, SciChart provides extremely fast JavaScript charts capable of drawing millions of data-points in line charts, scatter charts, column or bubble charts, real-time candlestick charts, 3D point clouds and more. 

In performance benchmarks we provide excellent performance numbers, with chart rendering speeds up to 10,000% faster than competitors. In HighCharts, Plotly, chart.js, or real-world applications you will get a responsible, fluid user interface with SciChart’s JavaScript chart libraries

The best JS charting functionality that's offered anywhere, with performance in a different league thanks to their use of WebAssembly.


Intuitive, Typescript, JavaScript or JSON API

Being fast is great, but performance isn’t everything. What really matters is a JavaScript chart library being intuitive, feature-rich and easy to use. 

Since 2012, we’ve been building chart libraries by developers, for developers, and SciChart.js is no different. We’ve included ways to declare your chart in code, with or without Typescript typings, or via our declarative JavaScript object or JSON Builder API with full intelligence in VSCode or WebStorm. 

As a developer, you will find SciChart’s JavaScript chart API intuitive and easy to use, because we’ve thought about how best to declare charts and their components using JavaScript or TypeScript. 

Read the tutorial below to see how easy it is to add a line series to SciChart.js with JavaScript.


Developer productivity

Not only is our API intuitive and consistent, but since we have over 10 years’ experience in creating chart controls, we’ve made over 85 real-world examples and showcases teaching you how to construct charts with SciChart.js, a set of 10 tutorials and hundreds of hand-written documentation pages. Not only that, but there are hundreds of searchable forum questions on our website. 

Your developers will be able to quickly create JavaScript charts with SciChart.js, especially where complexity or dynamic updates or interactions to the chart is involved. Choosing SciChart will result in higher productivity, which means faster time to market and reduced cost.

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Feature-rich and powerful

SciChart is at the forefront of hundreds of applications which require complex JavaScript charts and visualisations to view data in a variety of ways. Far more than just a simple line chart, column chart, or scatter chart, SciChart JavaScript graphs and charting software allows you to: 

  • Combine multiple chart types on the same screen
  • Link charts to zoom and pan together
  • Have complex, customisable tooltips and legends
  • Select data-points
  • Select series
  • Have rich data animations or series animation
  • Overlay data-labels on the chart
  • Interact with draggable markers, thresholds and more. 

Our depth of features is far beyond our competitors’ and people using SciChart.js tell us that it is the best choice for complex, rich JavaScript chart applications.

Active development

For over ten years, we have been actively developing chart libraries to make them faster and better with richer features, and our team works hard to handle bugs and compatibility issues. 

In the last year, we made several major releases via our website, and hundreds of minor releases via our Nightly Build feed which publishes packages and code to Npm and Github. 

With SciChart, if you report a bug, you will get what you need to keep working quickly. This presents a huge value-add over our competitors and an even bigger value-add over open source charts, which may have good features but won’t have the same level of development activity and support that SciChart has. 

Because of the user base of SciChart, our software is battle tested, and you can rest assured that, should issues arise, they will be fixed quickly. 

Excellent tech support

We have invested thousands of hours in developing a rich suite of JavaScript chart examples and hundreds of hand-written documentation pages, all of which are searchable and online. 

What’s more, our technical support is excellent. Our forums search as you type, and if you purchased priority support, you can ask us a question and often get an answer on the same day. Our customers consistently rate us the best for documentation, tech support and examples, as well as for features and performance.

Our High Performance Team

Our charting library is written by scientific software engineers with a high proportion of PhD Educated / Masters Degree educated developers on the team, in subjects such as Applied Mathematics, Electronics, Signal Processing, Engineering, Computer Science and more.

We are experts in performance optimization and thought leaders in cross platform, real-time 2D & 3D graphics and charting. We have been working on charting full-time since 2012, and the company owner wrote his first high performance .NET charts in 2005! We are the right team to deliver Big Data & High Performance Realtime Charting to your WPF, iOS, Android and Xamarin applications.

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