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Read genuine, customer reviews for users of SciChart. It’s our goal to maintain a consistent 5 star rating, by delivering excellent quality, easy to use software, as well as world class technical support. Each review is from a verified customer of SciChart and moderated by a third party website.

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Below you can find testimonials from our customers that we have received via email. Each testimonial or review is from a genuine SciChart customer.

My task was to find a high performance WPF chart control to display 2D charts. High performance was very important and I took into account WPF only (didn’t care about Silverlight, WinPhone and WinRT). And the best WPF chart is… SciChart. Please find below brief details of my research:

  • High performance (gives 30 FPS with 7 mln points on my PC)
  • Very good samples

Technical support answers questions quickly.
Conclusion: Very reliable library with lovely features.

Klaus, via

If Performance & reliability with huge Real-time rendering of Large dataset is required such as Financial real-time data, Financial Trading applications, & scientific application then here are the winners:

1. SCICHART — Wins by huge margin. The Performance is just too good. If you develop real-time financial applications in WPF or Silverlight – this is what you need period. Performance counts.

Try pumping or rendering 10,000,000 Data points of tick-by-tick data and at the same time having 20 or 30 or 40 different charts running in real-time at the same time plus other windows doing dynamic real-time Data scrolling/display on Gridviews

Jimmy, via

In my last software development project I had to visualise log files coming from an ATM security component. The problem consisted of displaying a huge amount of data, e.g. 25,000,000 data-points on several line charts.All charting toolkits I tried before failed to fulfil this task. They took too long to display and things like zooming or scrolling turned out to be nearly impossible.Finally I found what I was desperately looking for when I came across SCICHART WPF. It can be easily configured by XAML and fully supports Data Binding and MVVM. This charting toolkit is able to display millions of data-points in a rapid manner. Zooming & scrolling works without any delay.

All users of my application are fascinated by its performance. Thank you for the fantastic and rapid support during evaluation and even after we had bought the product.

Stephan Richter, Software Developer, Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH, Germany

I would like to drop you a quick line to say thank you for a brilliant product in SciCharts, which has outperformed my initial expectations. The Charts are smooth, fast and very professional looking and give our product the polished feel we were looking for.Overall, I am very impressed with SciCharts and the work you and your team have been doing, you are head and shoulders above the competition!

David Luxford, Accurate Technologies

Flexibility. Not everything is supported out of the box but everything can be achieved somehow. – Very good and fast support regarding problems and solutions for specific needs.


SciChart was the only WPF chart with sufficient performance.


It’s fast and beautiful


The research we did said you were the best; we evaluated scicharts and it held up


Performance and focus on charts and WPF. Risk with other vendors is that they focus on 50 different controls, on WPF, WinForms and Web. A DateTimePicker control is not critical, but chart performance is very important.


Speed is much faster than sazzafrazzarazza charting component.


1. High performance. 2. Tech support 3. Many samples


You guys rock… I’ve only just loaded up the source but from what I can see it’s very clean and well organized. I’ll be spending time this weekend working on the modified data series. I’ll report back as I progress… thanks again, you guys are really great to deal with and SciChart really rocks!

Geoff W. 23rd Jan 2015 (Submitted as feedback to a Priority Support Ticket)

We spent quite a while in analysis, pushing the best third-party charting software to their limits before deciding on implementing the SciChart tool.

SciChart has the ability to render millions of data points in an endless array of measures, we can show live data from our database to users nearly instantly.

BlueShift ONE, (Submitted as customer case study on 16th July 2014)

What I really like about SciChart support is that it is fast. I got my response in an hour from when I submitted the ticket.

Andreea M, (Submitted as feedback to a support ticket on 25th June 2014)

I originally purchased the basic package because I’ve had a history of vendors over promising and under delivering. But this is not the case with SciChart and ABT! (Douglas has now happily upgraded to source)

You guys really do a bang up job. You are the best component vendor I’ve had to deal with in my 30+ year career.

Douglas Gerard, Jakalope Technologies

SciChart has awesome support and the company is working very hard to propose and improve its product … I would highly recommend it. Performances are incredible compare to other WPF products.

Eric Ouellet, via

(On our support) That worked! You guys are awesome.

JQuan, via SciChart Forums

Great Support. Andrew & Yuriy, thanks very much for answering my questions as I’ve been demoing scichart. Your willingness to help customers (and potential customers) use scichart successfully is very much appreciated! I purchased my scichart license today.

techman234, via SciChart Forums

I’m testing the Silverlight component and I have to say that it’s very good. The performance is absolutely awesome! Good job.

Jsimoes, via SciChart Forums

I just wanted to say a big thank you for SciChart (we purchased a few weeks ago) and for your excellent support. Our client is more than happy with the result. There was nothing fancy that we needed, just a FIFO chart, and for that it was the perfect product. I was plunged into the deep end with this WPF project, having only WinForms experience and was amazed at the technology. Where have I been these past years!

Alan Ford, Panasonic EU

SciChart’s real selling point is FPS. Other packages advertise they can deal with lots of data, but only SciChart does it at *FPS*

David Luxford, Accurate Technologies

The speed is incredible. When our company was looking for a new Chart provider I tested at least 10 providers. No one even came close at all to what I saw with SciChart. I created a sample which I sent to several competitors and asked them to alter it for their chart to improve the performance, and even with that no one could touch SciChart.


I’m most impressed with with lengths you’ve gone to support MVVM, databinding and XAML. Because of constraints with my application, I have to allow lots of data pivots and plots to be selected from a single view, and I really wanted to do this in the spirit of MVVM. SciChart made this easy. The performance (speed especially) is pretty impressive, and since we’re a science shop, its mostly a match made in heaven.


The examples (code) reported for every specific case.


WPF binding series, MVVM friendly


Speed. Was easy to get up and running. Wide choice of graph types. Good MVVM samples and base class support.


The speed of the component, the databinding/MVVM support, and the competency of the people answering support queries during my trial period.


Speed is much faster than sazzafrazzarazza charting component.


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