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SciChart – Perfect for DataVisualization in the Oil & Gas Industry

At SciChart we serve customers in many different industries and sectors. One sector which keeps coming back to use our chart software again and again is the Oil & Gas industry. In this blog post we take a deep dive into how SciChart can help solve DataVisualization problems in the Oil & Gas industry, and what chart types and features make us a great fit for oil & gas explorers or producers who need to visualise complex or big data.

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What is SciChart?

First up, what is SciChart, and more importantly what isn’t it?

SciChart is a software library for adding charts and graphs to applications. Our chart library supports JavaScript, TypeScript in browser or electron apps, C# WPF on Windows, Swift on macOS & iOS and Kotlin on Android.

Our customers are software development teams which are building apps that need to visualize data in 2D or 3D charts and graphs. We don’t sell an off-the-shelf SaaS app for Oil & Gas prospecting, but we do sell chart libaries that will help you make the best prospecting or exploration tools for internal or external teams. If that’s you, and you’d like to find out how, read on.

DataVisualization Types popular in Oil & Gas

We asked our customers what are the most important chart types or datavisualization features for Oil & Gas. This is what they told us:

  • Big Data is a must. The ability to display millions of data-points without slowdown.
  • Vertical charts. Ability to rotate a chart to view vertical drill depth.
  • Synchronizing several charts. Ability to zoom, pan and show tooltips on several charts with the same horizontal or vertical scale
  • Dashboarding charts. Ability to create dashboards with several charts. Some call this a Trellis chart. We just simply call it a dashboard.
  • Popular chart types. such as Lines, Mountain, Scatter.
  • Oil & Gas specific chart types. such as formations chart. More on these later.
  • Sonogram charts. We call this a heatmap, but it can also be used to visualise a sonogram, ultrasound or other data being sent back from well & drill sensors.
  • 3 Dimensional Charts. Visualising surface meshes, topology data or point-clouds in 3D is possible with SciChart: both in browser and on desktop / mobile devices.
  • High Performance. We already mentioned Big Data, but high performance & realtime charts are central to what we do. Important in scientific industries.

High Performance (Big Data) & Realtime Charts

Of course, all of this with our incredible world-class realtime performance. Our WPF Charts can render up to bilions of datapoints and our JavaScript charts can draw tens of millions of data-points without slowdown. It has to be seen to be believed!

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