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// Android Chart Examples Suite

Our Android Charts ship with ~60 Android Chart Examples which you can browse, play with, view the source-code and even export each Android Chart example to a stand-alone Android Studio project. All of this is possible with the SciChart Android Examples Suite, which ships as part of the SciChart Android SDK.

You can get the SciChart Android Examples Suite as part of the SciChart Android Trial. After download, to find it, unzip to a directory of your choice and open the Examples source code in Android Studio.

// Browsing Android Chart Examples

Android Chart Example | Switching between Android Chart Examples

Once started, you can browse categories of our Android Chart Examples such as 2D Android Charts and Featured Applications. Click on an Android Chart Example to enter it. You’ll find the example’s name, the navigation back button and example’s toolbar menu button at the top.

// View and Export Android Chart Example Source-Code

Android Chart Example | View and Export Source Code

Inside each of our Android Chart Examples, you can browse the source code and see how we implemented this Android Chart. Alternatively, you can also export each Android Chart Example to Android Studio as a stand-alone project. This time-saving allows you to get started in record time when using the SciChart Android SDK.

// Search for Android Chart Examples, API Functions and Class Names

We’ve included a search engine in the SciChart Android Examples Suite which indexes all the examples and allows you to search by title, description or the source-code with relevant word highlighting. Try searching for ‘CursorModifier’ or ‘ZoomPan’ and you will find relevant Android Chart Examples which use these API features straight away.

Android Chart Example | View Performance Demos

// Browse Featured Apps and Performance Demos

We’ve included a number of rich featured applications and performance demos to help you evaluate not only the features, but also the performance of SciChart Android Charts quickly and easily. Navigate to our Featured Apps section to see the demos.

// Where can I get the SciChart Android Examples Suite?

The Android Chart Examples suite is available as part of the SciChart Android Trial, which you can get from our Downloads page. Although the SciChart Software is a 30-day trial, if you need more time at the end of your trial, feel free to contact us or visit Licensing page to get know how you can extend your license.

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