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// Android Chart Examples Suite

Our Android Charts ship with ~90 Android 2D & 3D Chart Examples which you can browse, play with, view the source-code and even export each Android Chart example to a stand-alone Android Studio project. All of this is possible with the SciChart Android Examples Suite, which ships as part of the SciChart Android SDK.

Please also find all the examples listed on the Right!

// Browsing Android Chart Examples

Once in SciChart Android Example Suite you will see three main categories, those are Android 2D charts, Android 3D Charts and Featured Apps.

The Android 2D charts include all the 2D chart types and features of those, as well as Android 3D charts include 3D chart types and the features. Those small simple examples aim to showcase how to use SciChart. They will help you to learn piece by piece how to implement various functionalities into your Android Applications with Charts.

SciChart was designed with serving medical and engineering, scientific and financial domains in mind. Therefore, we created the Featured Apps category that has more specific and niche app-like examples to show case. We will be adding more examples here!

Android Examples Suite | Switching between Android Chart Examples

//View and Export Android Chart Example Source-Code

Inside each of our Android Chart Examples, you can browse the source code and see how we implemented this Android Chart.

Alternatively, you can also export each Android Chart Example to Android Studio as a stand-alone project. This time-saving allows you to get started in record time when using the SciChart Android SDK.

You can also find all of the examples code at our Public GitHub Repo of Android Chart Examples.

Android Chart Examples View Source Code | Android Chart GitHub

// Use the Examples as a learning tool

SciChart provides you with a wide variety of learning tools to make your experience as seamless as possible.

You will find Android documentation, Android tutorials, Android Users’ Forum, and Android Free Trial with the examples’ suite at your disposal.

We suggest using our examples as a learning tool. There you will find many small samples that themselves deserve to be a standalone project but at the same time that piece by piece will teach you a lot about SciChart Android Library. Check out the categories on the right for the below.

    • Basic Chart Types Category:
      Android 2D and 3D basic chart types are showcased to teach you about different data series and renderable series needed to build a specific Android Chart Type. Build up on that and see other sections to learn how to extend, style and customize your Android charts.
      See also: Create Multiseries Chart, Custom Charts, Link Multiple Charts in Synch and Manipulate Series for more functionalities.
    • Chart Annotations Category:
      Here you can learn how to annotate your chart with text, lines, arrows, different shapes and more, which is often useful for the Android Financial Applications.
    • Axis types and Modify Axis Behaviour Categories:
      There are different axis types provided by SciChart API, that also allows you to have multiple axes on the chart that can be placed anywhere on the chart of your Android application.
    • Tooltips and Hit Test and Zoom and Pan Categories:
      The interactions are very flexible in SciChart and can be manipulated with the Modifiers API. You can apply zooming, panning and rotating functionality, as well as add tooltips, rollovers, cursors and labels to make your Android charts easy to read.
  • Realtime Examples:
    SciChart Android and the whole cross platform library created to serve the customers with the high expectations for realtime high performance charts in their applications. Learn about plotting realtime Android graphs and explore the Performance benefits of the library in this section.

Last but not least there is a theming and styling section that will show you how to make your Android charts look just the way you need them.

// Where can I get the SciChart Android Examples Suite?

There are three main sources where you can get the SciChart Android examples from.

  • Trial – download our Wizard to request a trial. You will get the trial zip files together with the examples demo applications. You can build it and play with the code yourself.
  • GitHub – clone the GitHub repository and run the examples from there.
  • Google Play – just want to check out the examples without running them? Download the demo app straight to your phone.

If you need a trial extension just contact us!