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How can I animate an update of a candle or a bar in an OHLC type charts? I use realtime stock chart like this example.
When i update candle it redraws immediately with new values. But i want it to be updated with animation.

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I am currently developing an application using Electron (v. 8.3.0), React (v. 17.0.1), and TypeScript (v. 4.0.5). I have created a simple demo app (see attached) to test this software, and I found that whenever the application window is resized, there is an “Uncaught null” error from scichart2d.js caught by the console. I also found that at some window dimensions, it even seems that the chart cannot properly be displayed and it will try to constantly rerender, quickly filling up the console with the same error.

A couple of notes:

  • I currently am using a trial key.
  • I am compiling this application using electron-webpack ( It has a few built-in tools that ease the compilation/app creation process when combining Electron with other frameworks. This means some of the webpack API being used is abstracted, but we can append our own (see webpack.renderer.additions.js), more information can also be found at
  • Electron v. 8.3.0 uses Chromium 80, so all features should be supported.
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we have recently bought Bundle licenses to be able to use SciChart JS. We are non-profit and make in-house web-applications.
I want to migrate to it asap but need urgent clarification on the licensing. There is only 1 domain allowed per developer. This seems strange to me because we run multiple micro-UIs under different domains. We also have dev & test environments. Do we need an extra license for all of these?

Please clarify. We are very happy with SciChart but this would be a major problem for us.

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Hi Andrew:

It’s me again.

Does SciChart.js support Vue.js 2.0 or even 3.0 ?

Will there be any Vue templates in the future ?

Best Regards

Yen Wen

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Some users have reported an error when importing SciChart.js into a TypeScript or JavaScript application:

TS1261: Already included file name ‘C:...\SciChartSurface.d.ts’ differs from file name ‘C:/…/node_modules/scichart/charting/
Visuals/Axis/SciChartSurface.d.ts’ only in casing.

Solution below…

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Hi all,

I have another question about SciChart.js, I hope someone can teach me.

First, please download this video

This chart in video is made by d3.js, I hope I can use SciChart.js to make the same features,
please watch from 7 second to the end, when I click the mouse and move to the right direction, then click mouse again,
the section from first click to the second click will make different color, someone can teach me how to do that

PS: English is not my mother language, I wish you all can understand what I mean, Please download the video and watch, thanks.

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Hi all,

Today, I follow the Tutorial 01, but I can not set up the SciChart.js project,
I am sure that I do the same step like Tutorial,
some one can help me to realize the error messages?
Thanks a lot.

PS:error messages is attached file



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