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Codesandbox link:

I put the first box annotation to be from -5 to 6 and the x-axis range is from 0 to 10, so that mean some portion of the first box annotation is out of the chart. And there is a click event on the box annotation and console log whenever it is clicked on, and when I click outside of the chart box/square and align it to the box annotation, it is registering the click.

  • Nung Khual asked 4 months ago
  • last active 4 months ago
1 vote

Hi, so I need to get the data of an annotation when clicked, I have tried with addEventListener ‘mousedown’ event and it work for most case, but the issue comes when some annotations are overlapping.

codesandbox example:

In the codesandbox example, you will see that M1 and M2 are overlapping, if I were to click on M2, the click event will return both M1 and M2, but I only want M2 to be return since I only click on M2.

I couldn’t make the clicking to work on codesandbox but I’m sure you get the idea. I have tested it on my local and I got that issue.

Please let me know if you got any other question, thank you.

  • Nung Khual asked 7 months ago
  • last active 7 months ago
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I am working on Scichart Android application .I am using two Scichart surfaces on a single activity ,I want to handle click event on scichart surface so that,whenever I click on surface it will start a new activity which contains a single Scichart.

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